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tell me the meaning of life 6 20

tell me the meaning of life 6 20 - Corner Office Want the...

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Corner Office Want the Job? Tell Him the Meaning of Life Published: June 18, 2010 This interview of Michael Mathieu , C.E.O. of YuMe, an online video advertising firm in Redwood City, Calif. , was conducted, edited and condensed by Adam Bryant . Corner Office Every Sunday, Adam Bryant talks with top executives about the challenges of leading and managing. Q. Do you remember the first time you were somebody’s boss? A. Yes, my first management job was at AT&T , and I went from being an individual contributor to managing a small team. Q. How old were you at the time? A. Late 20s. I’ve always been pretty confident in my ability to do a job, so I kind of had this fearlessness. If I’d known what management was all about, I probably would have had a lot of fear, but going into it, as a young kid, I figured, “I can do this.” There was some apprehension because I’d never really managed a team before. So I had to learn very fast. I think part of the reason I got the job was really my personality, which is about, how do I make everyone around me better? What can I do to help make people more successful? And I always thought that if I do that, it will ultimately make me more successful. So the transition was relatively easy because of that perspective. I never had this management style where I would order people around. It’s really about, what’s our goal, and how do we, as a team, collectively make it happen? So my first management job was really treating myself not as a manager. I may happen to be on the organizational chart above you, but think of me as a colleague and how we can help each other be successful. Q. How did you learn that lesson at a young age? A. My parents were immigrants from Haiti, and both of them are doctors, against all odds. They’ve persevered, and the lesson they taught me was not necessarily humility, but that the key to success is to wake up every day and do the best you can do.
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Their focus was never about competition, although I am competitive because I was an athlete as a kid. But my parents always taught me to be introspective and go after success with my own measurement, not other people’s measurements. Luckily for me, my expectations were higher than what other people expected of me. I learned that collaboration and getting the most out of other people seemed to be where most people got their success.
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tell me the meaning of life 6 20 - Corner Office Want the...

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