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From Contact Center Professional 2008) Ten Trends in Contact Centers - Barton Goldenberg, President of ISM, and Dr. Richard Feinberg, director of Purdue University Center for Customer Driven Quality Today’s best in class contact centers have a secret – they are implementing the following trends for greater efficiency, effectiveness and ultimately operational excellence. Based on research of contact center executives, vendors and thought leaders by the Purdue University Center for Customer Driven Quality, best-in-class contact centers either already have or will be adopting these trends in the near future. 1. Segment Callers By Economic Impact – In today’s environment, you cannot meet the demand of every customer making contact. As meeting that demand will get worse in the future, you have to know who your best customers are, be able to recognize them when they call and deliver superior service that fences them off from the competition. These customers are your most valuable asset and need to be treated as such. 2. Process Simplification: Make It Easy – Every customer contact system must have a process that minimizes what the customer needs to do (they don’t have to give their authentication information twice) and what the CSR needs to do (prior contact information is available). The technology is in place, but process simplification is the goal. 3.
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Ten_Trends_in_Contact_centersFin - From Contact Center...

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