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Alexander Muhr PPD-245 Carl Grodach January 31 st , 2005 Los Angeles: A City in Constant Change The whole region of southern California, or better known as Los Angeles to the rest of the world, has been depicted very differently over the years. Firstly, when the city itself was burgeoning many citizens and immigrants were given clear reasons to migrate and sacrifice to come to a place described as a paradise . The tools used during this period, which was at the turn of the 19 th century to the 20 th century, were products that advertised the literal fruitfulness of the region. Orange baskets had images printed on the depicting a paradise that existed on earth. On the other hand, in more modern times, Los Angeles has grown to a remarkable size and at an amazing pace. Unfortunately, the demographic shifts over the years have created tensions between groups, not including the transportation crisis. Many pieces written on the city evolved to depict the darker side of Los Angeles which directly reacts to the boosterism used by earlier promoters of the city to attract a competent and hungry population. We have to ask ourselves, how might have a fundamental change have happened to change people’s view from a paradise view to one of cynicism? This essential change in ideas was most likely do to the incessant
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course PPD 245 taught by Professor Agarwal during the Spring '07 term at USC.

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Writing_LA_ESSAY_1 - Alexander Muhr PPD-245 Carl Grodach...

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