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The Feinberg Way (adapted/adopted/copied from the Bloomberg Way: A Guide for Reporters and Editors) 1. Write in a style that a dope can understand and a professional would appreciate. 2. Clear, accurate and convincing. 3. Information that relates to the class. 4. Diligent enough to correct your mistakes as soon as you become aware. 5. Humble enough to know you can always do better. 6. Clear writing is clear thinking. 7. Pithy, interesting, humorous isn’t bad. 8. Good writing is perceived as authority and gets respect, poor writing is perceived as ignorance and gets disrespect. 9. Imagine that I am sitting on an airplane next to the CEO of (fill in the name of a company you want to work for) and I am reading YOUR paper…YOU MUST NOT DISAPPOINT IF THEY READ IT. 10. While most of us will not write like Dickens (we might not want to) or Tom Clancy or Carl Hiaasen (you should get any of his books) we can all right with clarity, with knowledge of the subject, simple sentences, with good ideas. 11. Never use a long word if a short one will do.
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