the phone interview - September 23, 2003 THE JUNGLE Phone...

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September 23, 2003 THE JUNGLE Phone Interviews Can Be A Deceptively Tricky Task By KEMBA J. DUNHAM Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL Last year, Kristy Lash was desperate to find a summer internship at a public- relations firm in the U.S. There was one problem: She was in Paris at the time. While the Villanova University junior was studying abroad, Ms. Lash spent hours searching the Internet for job listings and sending out resumes. After a couple of months, she was able to schedule a telephone interview with a major public- relations firm in New York. The time difference made it very difficult to reach the agency to set up the interview. When it came, moreover, she was unable to arrange use of the phone for a long trans-Atlantic call with her host family, so she decided to use her cellphone. That proved to be a mistake, as Ms. Lash and the hiring manager got cut off twice during the course of the interview. Even when the connection was solid, Ms. Lash had to shout into the phone to be heard on the speakerphone being used at the other end. Ms. Lash actually survived those mishaps, and a second phone interview, to make it to the final round. Ultimately, though, she didn't get the job. Now 22 years old and
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the phone interview - September 23, 2003 THE JUNGLE Phone...

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