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Tony Robbins – The Point 2010 This is a class about LEADERSHIP. Everything in this class has a reason…everything has a point. There is nothing left to chance. Sometimes the point is obvious…sometimes not. Sometimes I tell you what it is…sometimes I do not. Things are not what they seem- always but sometimes they are. Sometimes what happens in class is not clear until 5 lectures later… sometimes right away…and sometimes if you blink you may never see the point. So as you ponder the POINT of Day think about the following… 1. Is this really a waste of time? 2. Can you learn about leadership by just paying attention and focusing? 3. Or was there really no point? 4. I have two words…Neurolinguistic programming 5. The Iron does nothing. It is not the iron that takes out wrinkles 6. Isn’t $15 worth the price of taking a chance to improve your life? As you read these consider that I have a job that pays $150,000 and is more fulfilling than any other job you can get and is part of a fulfilling life for you…has anyone written something that makes me stand up and say WOW…I need to meet this person or have you blown it but being pedestrian and disinterested in learning and your own life? Allenbaugh, Britain Attendance Almaguer, Matt To take control of the decisions, in my life in order to achieve the best life that I can. Amos, Phillip The point of today's class was to frame our minds for recognizing an opportunity to change and reach our potential as students, as business professionals, and as leaders. Anderson, Ryan The point is to think about a set of goals that apply to your life. I also think there are alot of leadership strategies out there that could be used as a tool in my life. Andrews, Amanda In the olden days, irons were kept up very nicely, sanded, and cleaned daily. The point is that we don't care to do this anymore, everything is rushed and people now focus on new and better items, and many won't put time into fixing what they already have in this disposable society. Arias, Kristina The point of watching the Tony Robbins video was to display how someone has become a leader by motivating others to improve their overall life. He is not just successful because of his life, but because of how he has impacted others' success. This class is called leadership strategies and it is to help improve our leadership skills. In any career, leaders are defined by how they are able to motivate others and create successful employees and the overall business. Tony is a great example of a leader and of what we should display in our future career. Ashby, Lee Ann The point of today’s class was to show us how a great leader can impact people’s lives. He inspired so many people to turn their lives around with just some inspirational speeches. He also led by example by going to different countries and helping needy children, caring for his family, and inspiring people with his faith. While watching this infomercial, I think we were supposed to see that everyone
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Tony Robbins The Point - Tony Robbins The Point 2010 This...

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