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APRIL 11, 2011 View From the Top PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi on the trade-offs she made—and why she hopes her daughters won't have to Task-force participants at the conference had no end of recommendations for addressing the challenges —and opportunities—facing women in the economy. Give women more bottom-line responsibilities. Hold CEOs accountable. Recruit outside the regular channels. And so on. To get insight into those issues, The Wall Street Journal's Alan Murray turned to one of the highest- ranking women in corporate America: Indra Nooyi, chairman and chief executive of PepsiCo. Here are edited excerpts from the discussion. MR. MURRAY: McKinsey research, building on Catalyst research, shows this pipeline in corporate America. The majority of entrants are very high-qualified women—but at each stage of advancement, men have at least twice the odds of advancing as women. How the hell did you do it? MS. NOOYI: I ask myself that question every day. Especially recently, I've been looking back and thinking about all of the trade-offs and sacrifices I've had to make to get here. My second daughter's going off to college this September, and I say, "My God, I missed so many things about her growing up." Hopefully, my two daughters will be in an environment where it's going to be easier for them. MR. MURRAY: Are you suggesting that it could have been easier, and you still could have achieved the pinnacle you achieved? View Full Image Genesis Photos for The Wall Street Journal INDRA NOOYI 'The harder the business, the bigger the turnaround, put your hand up and say "I want to do it." ' MS. NOOYI: From a family situation, I wanted it all, and it wasn't easy. But I lucked out in one way. I had a husband who said, "You're going to have true gender equality." He was working, I was working, but we
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View from the Top - APRIL 11, 2011 View From the Top...

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