WBF2010 - World Business Forum October 5-6 2010 Radio City...

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World Business Forum October 5-6 2010 Radio City Music Hall® - New York City - www.wbfny.com Executive Summary Sponsored by: about MWW Group
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2 | World Business Forum www.wbfny.com World Business Forum 2010 INTRODUCTION – Leaders Have to Be the Vision T he 2010 World Business Forum placed the responsibility for navigating the intermittent tides of the current slow global economic recovery directly in the hands of organization leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you are a team of two or 2,000, those team members want clarity, focus and authenticity from their leaders every waking moment. ”Instability is chronic,” pronounced leadership guru Jim Collins in his keynote address to the nearly 5,000 delegates from around the world gathered October 5 and 6 in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. “We have to ask ourselves what does it take to do exceptionally well in this environment – and most of what we think it takes is not only wrong, but dangerous.” It’s no longer enough to think about objectives, measurement, or even teamwork and collaboration, global business and management thought leaders told the assembled delegates. Rather, today’s leaders must personify the future vision for their organizations while keeping a laser-like focus on their daily performance. Customers will no longer buy promises; they buy the results, and companies must hone in on the core brand promise to ensure it is delivered vibrantly, completely and personally. Over the two days, whether it was from world leader and former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, or business icons Jack Welch and A.G. Lafley, delegates were reminded in many different ways not to place too much value on things that can be measured while forsaking those things that are not easily quantified. Talking about social media but echoing the leadership theme running through the event, analyst Carlene Li reminded the global leaders that when in relationships with customers or employees, “you have to give up control but still be in command.” That the future will bring more difficult challenges is certain, but it is how leaders grapple with that reality that determines the outcomes. “Forget about theory,” 1972 Andes plane crash survivor Nando Parrado reminded the delegates. “You can plan as much as you like, but in the midst of a crisis, it is your instincts and your will that drives the choices you make.” This Executive Summary was prepared by Robyn Greenspan and Joseph Daniel McCool, senior analysts and William Flammé, publications editor from ExecuNet, the private membership network for senior executives ( www.execunet.com ). Since 1988, ExecuNet has helped more than one-half million chief and senior-level executives connect to the peers, opportunities and expertise they need to lead successfully. We hope this Executive Summary of the discussions during the World Business Forum will be both a useful reference for you and one that you will share with your colleagues.
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WBF2010 - World Business Forum October 5-6 2010 Radio City...

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