What is it about undergraduates

What is it about undergraduates - To CSR 309ers From R...

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To: CSR 309ers From: R Feinberg CEO Re: GM1 “It’s the writing stupid” (to paraphrase the campaign tag line for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign so that they stayed focused throughout the campaign). Undercover Boss is all about leadership and you could have watched any or all of the segments and seem common themes. But translating those themes into cohesive and coherent narrative was the key to a grade. In short here is what I looked for: 1. A- clear leadership point,,,well written…well structures…strong first paragraph…solidly constructed paragraphs, little ancillary material (things not related to the point)…few mistakes technically, strong last paragraph that relates to the first paragraph. 2. B- weak writing or weak point and analysis but not too weak 3. C- weak both- no clear writing, point and many mistakes 4. D- a level of pathetic that should have been recognizable by members but clearly wasn’t I expect that less than 50% of gp members actually read the paper. I am even certain that most of you do not know what percentage grade you received. So a paper could have received a low A (270) and a member could have received a C (70% of the 270 pts). So for those of you who did not get IT and knew before hand what was going to happen…SURPRISE. Late papers were not good…it was clear when it was due. Many gp leaders did not construct a grade sheet that was accurate. From a leadership analysis perspective (remember this is a leadership class) there was a failure of the leadership in the chain of command. The Pres did not have a structure to impose on VP’s to impose on gp leaders to get this done well. Their feeling that it was time for gp leaders to understand a and grow a set of leadership and stand or fail on their own was premature for most of the gp leaders could not do it. We selected gp leaders but did not select for writing ability. Gp leaders should have looked in their group for the best writers and used them for writing leadership and then get gp input and then take it to the writing lab and then take it to someone who can write even better than that. The vp’s should have read these a week before the due date and not allowed the papers to be turned in until the papers met some standard of excellent. But then again if you have a weak leader you have to take it and run with it yourself. The gp leaders did not need a VP to tell them what they needed to do. The gp member who needs to get noticed needed to advise their gp leader what to do if the gp leader was not as strong as needed. WOW you say does he really mean this. If you want to stand out…if you want your watchers to say WOW this is what you need to do. There were three very good papers …congratulations to Ms. Smith , Mr. Gentry, Mr. Ewing’s groups for work that made me sit up and pay attention. (I have put these papers in a folder called GM! At our little place of the web world.
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Close but only made me recline up to Mr. White , Ms. Dinkeman, Ms. Gross, Ms. Schumaker,
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What is it about undergraduates - To CSR 309ers From R...

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