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Lab1_Assignment_S12_guideline - Spring 2012 Lab 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2012 Lab 1. AutoCAD 2D 1. Sample answers a. Proper units used (Architectural with Feet). b. Setup proper layers and draw the facilities accordingly. c. Dimensions annotated with proper units (linear, aligned, radius). d. Hatch used with proper scales. e. Text annotated with proper size. f. Submitted on time understanding the expectations of the assignment. Spring 2012 2. Room for improvement a. Example 1. i. ‘Hatch’ scale should be changed. If the scale is too small, then the pattern will now show up properly. ii. The objects sizes do no match with the instructions. b. Example 2. i. According to the dimension annotations, the ‘Units’ were not set properly before drawing. It should be in Architectural with ‘Feet.’ ...
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