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Lab2_Assignment_guideline - Spring 2012 Lab 2....

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Unformatted text preview: Spring 2012 Lab 2. AutoCAD 3D 1. Sample answers a. Objects were properly positioned. b. WCS and UCS were properly used for dimensions. c. Fillet was done on the correct edge. d. Subtraction was properly done between two objects. e. Submitted on time understanding the expectations of the assignment. 2. Room for improvement a. Example 1. i. ‘Fillet’ was done on the wrong edge. The rounded functions will be on the edge you select. ii. Dimensions were done selecting the wrong point. Spring 2012 b. Example 2. i. Need to understand the UCS. UCS was not set up properly for the dimensions. ii. Precise points were not selected for the dimensions. ...
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