Lab2_Assignment_S12_ - h Draw your name and date on the tabletop i Save your AutoCAD file.dwg as “lab02[session[your Purdue Career

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Spring 2012 1 IE 332 Computing in Industrial Engineering Lab 2: 3D Modeling with AutoCAD Instructions: a) Open a new file with template “acad3d.dwt” (File / New). b) Setup workspace as “3D modeling” (Tools / Workspaces / 3D modeling). c) Unit type is in Decimal. d) Turn on grid (Right click on “GRID” and click “Setting”). e) Zoom out (View / Zoom / All) to see the whole floor plan. f) Draw the artistic table as shown in the figure below. Four table legs are identical. Make sure that different parts are on appropriate layers (i.e., tabletop, legs, and dimensions/text), and different layers should have different colors. You can freely decide the color for each layer. g) Draw dimensions of the parts if the dimensions are given in the figure.
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Unformatted text preview: h) Draw your name and date on the tabletop. i) Save your AutoCAD file (*.dwg) as “lab02_[session #]_[your Purdue Career Account].dwg” (e.g., lab02_A_kim731.dwg) and submit it to BlackBoard. j) If you cannot complete the assignment during the lab, save whatever you have completed and submit it to BlackBoard before you leave. TA’s Tips: 1) Dimension as you go. It’s best to catch mistakes early. 2) Do fillets last. The sharp corners are helpful during dimensioning. 3) Use your judgment when the directions aren’t specific. This includes the drawing limits, the leg position, and the cone height. 4) The text commands: ucs , array , _3dorbit , and fillet will be useful....
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