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Lab2 Guidelines PRELAB ( Helpful stuff before you guys come to LAB02) Prepared by: 'Mayank Garg ' As I myself struggled through LAB01 and I think that many others did too, I thought off putting together some important PRELAB overview for the upcoming lab so that it helps everyone to achieve the LAB goals. I would give you some helpful points to understand and do the lab so that when you would actually try to solve the problem during lab it will be easier for everyone to do the lab on time with better performance. LAB02 as you would expect is based on 3D modeling with AutoCAD. It tests your knowledge of how well you understand the Wednesday's lab lecture of Dr.Yi and tests how fast you can understand using the CAD help and even my PRELAB. This is the first time ever that Prof. Yi has agreed to give out a PRELAB and if you guys think that it really does help you guys in the LAB, I would request you guys to write your name and a comment at the bottom of this page, so that I could keep on working on PRELABS for next labs. Points to consider step wise: ( Very useful while you are actually doing the lab. Use bold point for quick reference ) 1. First of all you would have to select a new template file for the 3-D design. Click on the new tab and select a new template named acad3d.dwt. That would make your screen in 3D view. 2. On the right bottom corner where it says "initial setup workspace", click on that and change it to "3D modeling" 3. Set units and drawing limits according to the lab assignment and also turn on the grid display. (like we did it last time) 4. Zoom out to see the grid. ( Go to view tab and on zoom option at the left, select all)
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Lab2_Guidelines - Lab2 Guidelines PRELAB Helpful stuff...

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