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Lab4 Guidelines PRELAB FOR LAB04 Well I hope that the lab 3 guidelines helped you guys during the lab and helped you to learn the basics of the database. Now in lab 4 we will learn a bit more advance techniques in the MS Access. You will need to again refer to lab 3 guidelines for help. It is the same basic stuff. In lab 4 we mainly concentrate on Working with forms. ( Forms are the ones which makes it easier to put data inside the database ) Working with queries. ( Queries helps to pull out a specific data that you want ) Working with reports. ( Reports puts data into an easily readable format ) These topics refer to the the tutorial we did last time. For more help on these topics I am posting few videos which will help improve your understanding in forms, queries and reports.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Creating tables and Forms in Access. 2. A very useful tutorial for learning, how to design queries in Access. 3. Tutorial to learn about how to create reports in Access. The above given tutorials are very important. Just going through all of them would not take them more than 30 minutes of your time and I know for a fact that if you go through these tutorials, it will be very easy for you to solve the lab 04. The lab is basically designed in the same manner as the last one. You have few questions and you have to decide and give answers to them on the basis of your understanding of MS Access database. I would highly recommend to go through them before lab because going through them during lab would take a lot of your time....
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