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Purdue University School of Industrial Engineering Spring 2012 MERP Guideline 1. Introduction MERP is a powerful decision-making simulator that provides a helicopter view of a business organization and its environment, thus providing a close to reality hands-on experience of complex managerial decision-making. The proprietary dynamic case study and business simulator achieves this goal. It simulates the day-to-day business operations, of a fluctuating competitive environment and the organizations’ information systems (i.e. ERP, billing etc.), as well as the cross-organization effects of each decision. The MERP simulates a manufacturing organization and its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) information system. MERP is Web-based, allowing users across the world to work in a synchronized mode. The user can retrieve various scenarios from the host. The Web-based functions of MERP also allow the users to create a competitive environment simulating real-life competition, which in turn provides the drive and desire for the users to improve their companies. MERP simulates a vast number of decisions. These decisions are required in real world situations. The decisions range from various departments: manufacturing guidelines such as EDD (Early due date), marketing decisions such as advertisement, executive actions such as lay- offs or buying new equipment, and financial decisions such as setting the prices of the produced goods. These examples are only a few of those covered by MERP. The decisions to be made in MERP are divided into five different functions or VIEWS, which will be explained in the next sections. 2.
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MERP guideline - Purdue University School of Industrial...

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