MERP registration and instruction_IE332

MERP registration and instruction_IE332 - "Please find your...

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View Full Document Right Arrow Icon Tel: +972-3-9215280 e-Mail: [email protected] Property of MBE Simulations Ltd. © MBE Simulations Ltd. 1998-2010 All rights reserved August, 2011 Dear Students, Welcome to the MBE Simulations Ltd. MERP™ Serious Game. The following document will lead you through the registration process and the initial program setup for activating the MERP™ Serious Game. 1. How to start? The MERP™ is a Web-enabled technology: therefore, you should be connected to the Internet while using it and you should also install a part of the software – the client part on your PC. (Mac versions are not available, you can use XP OS running under Mac OS using one of the XP programs available on Mac (i.e., 'Parallels Desktop'). Please allow sufficient time when switching scenarios, or any other activity that might require the communication for transferring data. It might take a couple of minutes to establish proper communication each time such activities are required. The time delay varies depending on the Internet traffic and the speed of your Internet connection. Attention: In some courses, due to reasons of course and learning goals, you are provided with a predefined allowed number of runs to fulfill your assignment. The number of runs will be notified when you open a scenario. You may run each of the runs for the whole scenario's period. Each opening will affect the run's number countdown. For any further help contact us at: [email protected] Please follow the instructions in the following sections carefully. 2. Registration Step 1 - Go to the following link: Step 2 - In the first registration page enter the unique user key . (Leave the next field: University Code ’ blank) Step 3 - On the registration page, fill in the required personal details. You will be able to assign a personal log-in ' Username ' - your first name’s first letter, followed by your last name and ' Password ' of your choice. The log-in username and password are
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MERP registration and instruction_IE332 - "Please find your...

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