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Alexander Muhr PPD-245 Grodach April 24, 2006 Assignment #2 The Future of Los Angeles: The Latino Method of Development to Create a Better Community Atmosphere Los Angeles is a place that is well known for its lack of suitable planning for good community development. As the demographic shifts quit dramatically over the next few years, as it already has, the Latino mindset will define how further development commences and is designed. Mike Davis has long criticized Los Angeles for its militarization of urban space through the built environment. He dislikes the heavy use of security and an “obsession with the policing of social boundaries through architecture,” (Kasinitz 355). Davis specifically sheds light onto the these he believes are most important what he calls “the destruction of public space, the forbidden city, mean streets, and sequestering the poor.” All in all Davis thinks that our society is in an epic decline that will be very hard to stop and redirect so that we might live better. Fred Siegel, on the other hand, believes that the problem does not lie with the architecture and buildings but more with human nature. He does not talk about Los Angeles, but focuses on New York City, which has quite a different urban structure compared to LA. It is harder to compare New York with Los Angeles in this case because the urban structure itself, maybe not the actual architecture, can affect human nature. For instance, the fact that people drive a lot more in LA
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PPD_245_Anaysis_Paper - Alexander Muhr PPD-245 Grodach...

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