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Unformatted text preview: Prologue What all I learnt? When I came to Purdue I was unaware of the honors program. It was only when I was taking IE200, I became aware of the honors classes at Purdue. I was already a second semester sophomore and starting to complete all the requirements for honors within the next two years seems hard. But I still took the initiative and started to do my research. I took IE332 and 335 as my first two honors classes at Purdue. I would like to give a special thanks to Prof.Yi and Prof. Uhan for taking an initiative in giving me an opportunity to work more and get the honors credit for both the classes. When I took IE332 and Prof. Yi gave me the project to make lab guidelines and i was really excited to learn a lot of new things. I took it as a challenge and started learning things on my own. I used to try and read things online and do the lab on my own. It was a very difficult task as i was not allowed to take anyone's help. I was just opened to online resources and had to do everything else on my to take anyone's help....
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