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Unformatted text preview: Industrial Engineering Operations Research – Optimization Spring Studio : Linear Programming Modeling Problem. Gomoryco processes crude oil into aviation fuel and heating oil. It costs to purchase barrels of crude oil, which is then distilled and yields barrels of aviation fuel and barrels of heating oil. Output from the distillation may be sold directly or processed in the catalytic cracker. If sold a er distillation without further processing, aviation fuel sells for per barrels, and heating oil sells for per barrels. It takes hour to process barrels of aviation fuel in the catalytic cracker, and these barrels can be sold for . It takes minutes to process barrels of heating oil in the cracker, and these barrels can be sold for . Each day, at most , barrels of crude oil can be purchased, and hours of cracker time are available. Formulate a linear program that maximizes Gomoryco’s pro ts. ...
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