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Industrial Engineering 335 Spring 2012 Operations Research-Optimization Lecturer: Nelson Uhan Grader: Jikai Zou January 9, 2012 Quiz-20120109 Solutions Problem: Give another possible objective for the ACC basketball scheduling problem. ( i.e. what else could the ACC want to minimize or maximize? ) Solution: this is an open question, the following answers are just shown as examples: Maximize - the total revenue from all forms of media the total number of audience the sales of the tickets
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Unformatted text preview: – the profits from advertising – the number of high profile games at peak time – the satisfaction of audience • Minimize – the total cost for running the competitions – the traveling time of the away teams – the traveling distance and time for staffs – the conflicts with school/local/national/worldwide events – the time between slots on the schedule – the advertising cost – high profile game overlaps 1...
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