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quiz-20120113.sol - for j = 1,n What are the data in this...

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Industrial Engineering 335 Fall 2011 Operations Research-Optimization Lecturer: Nelson Uhan Grader: Jikai Zou January 13, 2012 Quiz - 20120113 Solutions Problem: Consider the generalized Anteater-Bugs optimization model below: maximize n j =1 p j x j subject to n j =1 a i,j x j b i for i = 1 , . . . , m Resource constraints x j d j for j = 1 , . . . , n Demand constraints x j 0 for j = 1 , . . . , n Variable-type constraints
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Unformatted text preview: for j = 1 ,...,n What are the data in this model? Why are these quantities data? Solution: p j ,a i,j ,b i ,d j represent data , because they are predetermined numerical values. x j represent decision variables whose values still to be determined by solving the optimization model, they are NOT data in this model. 1...
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