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Industrial Engineering 335 Spring 2012 Operations Research-Optimization Lecturer: Nelson Uhan Grader: Jikai Zou January 18, 2012 Quiz - 20120118 Solutions Problem: Recall Problem 6 from Homework 1: Suppose that the decision variables of an optimization model are x i,j,t = number of widget i produced at factory j during week t, where i = 1 ,..., 47; j = 1 ,..., 9; t = 1 ,..., 10. Use summation and “for all” indexed notation to write constraints for:
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Unformatted text preview: The total number of widgets produced in each factory j cannot exceed the factorys capacity (call it a j ) in any week. Determine how many constraints belong to this system of constraints. Solution: See Homework 1 Solutions, Problem 6. 1...
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