feb07 - CS 426 class Charles Dickens 200th birthday...

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CS 426 class Feb 07, 2012 - Charles Dickens' 200th birthday www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/ssw/cs426/{index.html,syll.pdf,outline} Bulletin Satellite phone encryption has been cracked. See http://j.mp/ygBU46 for a news report. See http://gmr.crypto.rub.de/paper/paper-1.pdf http://gmr.crypto.rub.de/paper/paper-2.pdf for technical details. The satellite phone people kept its encryption algorithm secret. Since it was not public, no one examined it carefully. Two German cryptographers learned the algorithm by disassembling the firmware in a satellite phone. Once they got the algorithm, it was easy to crack it. It turned out to be weak because it is based on LFSRs. The result is that it is easy to eavesdrop on most satellite phones used in Europe, Africa and Asia. (General purpose) Operating System security User Authentication - is based on something the user . .. Knows: password, PIN number, passphrase, handshake, mother's name Has: badge, key, license, uniform, id card Is: biometrics - face, fingerprint, retina scan, voice Passwords are the most common user authentication method Password safety:
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feb07 - CS 426 class Charles Dickens 200th birthday...

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