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CS 42600 Homework # 3, due Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 4:30 PM. Turn it in on paper in class. Late policy: You have a total of three late days for all of your homework, including lab projects. Any part of a day the work is late counts as one day. You use a whole number of late days each time your work is late. After you use your three late days, your late homework will not be graded (and you will get 0). Submitted homework must be typed. Use Latex or other word processor. Handwritten homework will not be accepted. 1. What permissions are necessary and sufficient to perform the following operations on a UNIX operating system? In other words, what is the least permission needed to do the operation? For example, to read the file /d1/d2/f3 , one needs x on /, x on /d1 , x on /d1/d2 and r on /d1/d2/f3 . The d? are directories, f? are files. a. write the file /d1/d2/f3 b. delete the file /d1/d2/f3 c. execute the file /d1/d2/f3 , which is a binary file d. execute the file /d1/d2/f3 , which is a shell script
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