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PPD 245 Study Guide - distinction between public and...

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PPD 245 Study Guide Athenian Agora Complex, Distinction between public and private Change in different section of the city. Greece-polis , center and the state become one, the city becomes it’s own political unit. Heart of the polis is the agora , Emphasis on physical space where everyone comes together, site of the market place, and city administration. Forum for political debate is this center. Metropolis , 273, “At a more abstract level, the concept of a “public sphere” is also used indicate that arena in social life to which access is theoretically open to all enfranchised members of the community. This notion is vital to modern politics. From it origins in the Athenian agora, the idea of democracy has, metaphoric, long been associated with a physical location of face-to-face communication. However many of the world’s great public spaces have been created by societies that were far from democratic.” This is a model of urban development is created by individuals to define the
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Unformatted text preview: distinction between public and private spaces. o What they are trying to accomplish. Babylon Babylonian is a concept of planning that tries to mimic ancient Babylonian culture. The culture of Babylonian society is seen as a diverse society, large heterogeneous city, different activities, chaotic bizarre market place, instead of the agora of city participation, and organization. BID (business improvement district), Business Improvement District (BID) Is a public/private sector partnership in which property and business owners of a defined area elect to make a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and marketing/promotion of their commercial district. BID’s are similar to a residential community association. Ex. • Suburban shopping mall, from which the idea for BIDs is, itself, modeled. Malls are generally single-mindedness. Civil society????????...
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PPD 245 Study Guide - distinction between public and...

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