A2 - CS 535 Fall 2011 Due Tuesday September 20 at 6:00 am Assignment2-Hello3Dword Extend your application to allow the user to navigate a 3D scene

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Unformatted text preview: CS 535, Fall 2011 Due Tuesday September 20 at 6:00 am. Assignment2--Hello3Dword Extend your application to allow the user to navigate a 3D scene interactively. Concretely: Develop a planar pinhole camera (PPC) class o Stores vectors a, b, c, and C, as well as scalars hither and yon o Also stores inverse of camera matrix for efficient projection (should be updated every time the camera changes) o Constructor from resolution and horizontal field of view o 6 degrees of freedom (dof) navigation (3 translations and 3 rotations) o Zoom, change of resolution o Linear interpolation of PPCs o Projection of 3D points o Visualize method that draws the PPC frustum given a desired view PPC and a frame buffer; show a few pixel rows and columns on hither quad; parameters should be line color and spacing of pixel rows and columns Develop a triangle mesh class o Stores vertices (coordinates and colors) and connectivity data defining triangles, as well as number of vertices and number of triangles o Load from file (see accompanying code and geometry files) o Render method that draws the mesh given a desired view PPC and a frame buffer; correct visibility by zbuffering, enhance your frame buffer class with a depth channel pointbased mode: vertices drawn as 2D dots of size kxk (k is a parameter) wireframe mode: projected triangle edges are drawn as lines, color is interpolated between vertex colors Develop a path class o Stores keyframe PPCs and number of frames between each consecutive key frames o Loads and saves path from text file o Render method that draws the centers of projection of the keyframes as big points connected by line segments, given a desired view PPC and a frame buffer. User interface should allow the user to o Navigate the desired view (6 dof) o Change field of view of desired view o Change rotation and translation steps o Define, save, play back path o Save frame buffer image 1 o Save and load current desired view Miscellaneous o Application should start out with meaningful view and navigation steps for the geometry loaded o Make a scene with the geometric models given; the geometric models should be placed in a directory called geometry off the current directory o Save an interesting path with multiple key frames Extracredit Make a movie file corresponding to your path (2%) Nonlinear path interpolation (2%) Contour line rendering mode (2%) Turnininstructions Turn in your work in an archive submitted via Blackboard Vista. The archive should contain: [email protected], 2011 Source code and executables Path text file DO NOT turn in the geometry files External libraries used Code should compile, link, and run A Readme.txt or Readme.doc file that lists special GUI features and extra credit attempted 2 ...
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