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A3 - external movie making application(that you find and...

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CS 535, Fall 2011 Due Tuesday October 4 at 6am. Assignment 3—Coloring within the lines Extend your graphics application with the following functionality: Triangle rasterization with z buffering (demonstrate using color stored with geometric models). Gouraud and Phong shading (demonstrate on uniformly colored geometry, i.e. a white teapot, a green Happy Buddha statue, etc.). Diffuse and specular lighting (demonstrate on uniformly colored geometry as above). Texture mapping (demonstrate on a 3 D scene you create with at least 3 different textures). Make a movie that shows off your scene and the various rendering styles you support. The view should change smoothly (along a path). Length 30s, frame rate 30Hz, resolution 640x480. Compress the movie to a file size < 10MB. Use a popular format (e.g. MOV, AVI, MPG) and a popular codec (e.g. mpeg4, H.264). The movie should be assembled from consecutively numbered stills that are pre rendered. Use a library (that you find and download, e.g. OpenCV) linked in with your program or an
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Unformatted text preview: external movie making application (that you find and download, e.g. VirtualDub, Windows Movie Maker). Do not use pirated software. Extra credit ‐ Add an explanatory audio track to your movie. (2%) ‐ Extend your PPC visualization method with an image plane that shows the image captured by the PPC. A parameter should specify the depth (camera z) where the image plane is located. (2%) ‐ Implement bump mapping and demonstrate it by rendering a golf ball and embossed text. (4%) Turn in instructions Turn in your work in an archive submitted via Blackboard Vista. The archive should contain: ‐ Source code. ‐ The movie file and the path text file used to render the movie. ‐ External libraries used. ‐ Code should compile, link, and run. ‐ A Readme.txt or Readme.doc file that lists the movie making library or software used, any special GUI features, and extra credit features attempted. © [email protected] , 2011...
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