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A6 - 3 Make a movie with 2 sequences ‐ Dynamic view side...

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CS 535, Fall 2011 Due Tuesday November 29 at 6am. Assignment 6—Welcome to the final level: the machine 1. Gouraud shading and texture mapping with fixed pipeline support. Add a hardware rendering method to your triangle mesh class. If the mesh is textured render by texture mapping. If not, render by interpolating the vertex colors read from the model file. 2. Reflected billboard impostors. Write a GPU program that improves reflection quality by approximating the reflected scene with billboard impostors. The scene consists of a single reflector (e.g. a teapot) located on a planar table top. The table top is textured with a black and white checkerboard. Several diffuse objects are also located on the table top. The diffuse objects and the table top are reflected by approximating each of them with a billboard. Reflected rays that do not intersect any billboard should be set using environment mapping. See our Eurographics 2006 paper for more details. http://www.cs.purdue.edu/cgvlab/papers/popescu/popescuGemEG06.pdf
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Make a movie with 2 sequences: ‐ Dynamic view, side by side comparison of this method to environment mapping (15s) ‐ Static view, reflector morphed to a sphere and back 3 times (15s) Extra credit ‐ Reflective billboards for second order reflections (2%) ‐ Ray morph for continuous transition from billboard to environment mapping (2%) ‐ Depth image impostors (6%) Turn in instructions Turn in your work in an archive submitted via Blackboard. The archive should contain: ‐ Source code and VC++ solution (please Build ‐ >Clean Solution to minimize submission size). ‐ The movie file and the path text files used to render the movie sequences. ‐ External libraries used. ‐ Code should compile, link, and run. ‐ A Readme.txt or Readme.doc file that lists the movie making library or software used, any special GUI features, and extra credit features attempted. © [email protected] , 2011...
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