Project - CS 580 and STAT 598A: Project Proposal Due: 23rd...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 580 and STAT 598A: Project Proposal Due: 23rd March 2010 The goal of the course project is implement and investigate the behavior of a statistical technique that interests you and to use it to analyze some non- trivial datasets (at least 10,000 data points or more). You can choose to tackle a problem in machine learning, data mining, or statistical computing of your own choosing. Most likely you will be able to identify a problem that is inherent to your own research area. However, remember that identifying a suitable problem may take you some thought. Note that it might be hard work to think about what you are really interested in, but it is crucial for the project remain open ended and in your hands. It is up to you to pick a problem you would like to solve, and then discover what it would really take to tackle it successfully. Along the way you might learn useful things, like: • How to take a poorly defined task and turn it into a concrete problem to solve (and then a concrete implementation and test). • What is involved in solving the specific statistical problem you are inter- ested in, how hard it is to actually succeed. • How partial progress can be sensibly made on difficult problems (or per- haps how not). • How to read the research literature to find the ideas and techniques that might be relevant to your needs. Experience in these areas will help you in whatever direction you follow in your professional career. In the end, however, the project is just a chance to learn more about some particular statistical computing techniques that might be very useful to you in your research. Some ideas to get your creative juices flowing are as follows: 1. Tackling a specific optimization problem that arises in an application of interest. 2. Experimental investigation of a technique (or techniques) in an abstract setting....
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Project - CS 580 and STAT 598A: Project Proposal Due: 23rd...

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