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index_002 - CS348 Project#1 Overview In this project you'll...

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CS348: Project #1 Overview In this project, you'll create a simple information system to store data about cars using Java. Due date : Due Sep 13, 2011 @11:59 pm Getting started Requirements Commands Evaluation Submitting Updates None. Getting Started Environment Setup You will need to add the following directory to your PATH environment variable: /opt/csw/bin (See Unix Path Tutorial for an example of how to do this) Here's some code to get you started: proj1.tar.gz - this includes a command parser, a build script, and a run script main.in and main.out - you're guaranteed a lion's share of the points if your output for main.in validates against main.out Note, in previous classes, you've probably used the venerable UNIX utility make to build your projects. In the Java world, nobody uses that anymore. So enjoy a helpful dose of the real-world and behold the beauty of Apache ant . The
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configuration for ant is build.xml, which is, as the file extension would seem to imply, written in XML, which we'll talk about later in the semester. It's already been written for you, so you shouldn't need to do much. To build, just type the following command. The resulting .class files will be placed in bin/. $ ant To clean out old .class files, type the command: $ ant clean Also included is a script run.sh Feel free to modify this to run your application with any additional parameters. $ ./run.sh Top Requirements You will write a console-based Java application to serve as a database for car information. The application will sport three primary features: adding cars, saving (and loading) information about cars from disk, and querying that data. Your database will store the makes of cars, as well as models. A make is composed of a name and a country of origin, whereas a model is composed of a name, a make, a year, and a price. When you start your application, you should present the user with the following prompt: CS348 Project 1 Please enter a command. Enter 'help' for a list of commands.
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