index_003 - CS348: Project #2 Overview In this project,...

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Unformatted text preview: CS348: Project #2 Overview In this project, you'll create a simple Oracle database & perform some common database operations. The schema and sample data of the database are provided. The project should be done and submitted in podn-n workstations. Information about getting your Oracle account and general initial configuration is available in: Due date : Oct 13, 2011 @11:59 pm Step 1: Create the tables The schema for the database is as follows: 1. STUDENT(*snum: integer, sname: string, major: string, slevel: string, age: integer) 2. CLASS(*name: string, meets_at: date, room: string, fid: integer) 3. ENROLLED(*snum:integer, *cname: string ) 4. FACULTY(*fid: integer, fname: string, deptid: integer) 5. DEPARTMENT (*deptid: integer,dname: string, Location:string) The fields with '*' are primary key. The meaning of these relations is straightforward: STUDENT contains one record per student identified by snum; CLASS contains one record per class uniquely defined by its name; the fid field of class gives the instructor of the class; ENROLLED contains a record for each student enrolled in each course; and FACULTY contains one record per faculty member uniquely identified by the fid. DEPARTMENT contains one record per department....
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index_003 - CS348: Project #2 Overview In this project,...

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