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CS348: Project #3 Overview You are going to use PL/SQL (Oracle's procedural extension to SQL) to write a few functions and procedures to process data. The result of the work should be a file named your_login.sql which contains all the PL/SQL statements you used to handle the data processing tasks listed below. Your grade depends on how you use the PL/SQL statements and the result of running the resulting .sql file. Due date : Nov 8, 2011 @11:59 pm. Step 1: Setup You will use the same schema as you did for Project #2 . Do not forget to create the PKs and FKs to test your code. This step is necessary to build the PL/SQL procedures and functions but it will NOT be included in your your_login.sql. Your task: 1. Create the 5 tables. 2. Execute the file ( data.sql ) to insert the test data into the tables you created in the previous step. Top Step 2: PL/SQL Overview Setup Procedure: pro_department_report Procedure: pro_faculty_stats Procedure: pro_student_stats Procedure: pro_histogram
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Procedure: pro_insert_class Setup Refer to Step 1. Important : The first line of your .sql file should be the following: set serveroutput on size 32000 ... otherwise don't come complaining to me when dbms_output isn't printing anything
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index_004 - CS348 Project#3 Overview You are going to use...

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