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Project Recommendations Here are a few recommendations with respect to the projects. Feel free to develop the projects in any way you want, using whatever development tools you're comfortable with. But some of this advice might be helpful. Development environment Source control Development Environments Use some sort of development environment. Syntax highlighting, project navigation, and debugging utilities are the relevant features here. There are a multitude of options available, including: Eclipse , which is quite nice for Java development, assuming you have access to a workstation with excessive memory. For extensive development, this is my tool of choice. Emacs is quite popular in computer science circles. JDEE is recommended. Vim is the natural foil to Emacs, but doesn't have anything fancy for Java in particular. Despite the arcane interface, skilled hackers are known to be inordinately productive with this editor. For Win32, there are a multitude of niche programming text editors, including
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