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Special Problems for ME 200 – Spring 2012 Special Problems SP8, SP9, and SP10 Due Friday, February 3, 2012 SP8: 0.5 kg of air, contained inside a piston-cylinder device, with an initial pressure of 6 bar and initial volume of 0.15 m 3 undergoes a thermodynamic cycle consisting three processes as follows: Process 1-2: 100 kJ of heat is added to the device in an isobaric manner during which the internal energy increases by 40 kJ Process 2-3: Air cools at constant volume and the internal energy decreases by 50 kJ Process 3-1: Compression of air via a polytropic process (PV 1.3 = constant). (a) Draw the cycle on a P-V diagram. (b) Find the pressure (bar) and volume (m 3 ) at states 2 and 3. (c) Find the heat transfer (kJ), work (kJ), and internal energy change (kJ) for each process in the cycle. (d) What is the net heat transfer (kJ) and net work (kJ) for this cycle?
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Unformatted text preview: SP9: R-134a vapor initially at 60 psia and 120 F (State 1) is contained within a piston-cylinder device. The refrigerant is cooled at constant volume until its temperature reaches 25 F (State 2) and is then compressed isothermally to a pressure of 45 psia (State 3). (a) Locate the state points on appropriately labeled P-v and T-v diagrams. (b) Determine the specific volume (ft 3 /lbm), specific internal energy (Btu/lbm) and specific enthalpy (Btu/lbm) at each state. SP10: A 0.8 m 3 rigid vessel initially contains a saturated liquid-vapor mixture of water at 90 C. The water is heated until it reaches its critical point. (a) Indicate the process on a P-v diagram. (b) What is the mass (kg) of liquid water at the initial state? (c) Determine the volume (m 3 ) occupied by vapor at the initial state....
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