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Special Problems for ME 200 – Spring 2012 Special Problems SP11, SP12, and SP14 No SP13 due to Exam#1 Due Monday, February 13, 2012 SP11: Water in a piston-cylinder assembly with an initial volume of 0.01 m 3 has an initial temperature of 120°C and an initial quality of 0.4 (State 1). The water is heated at constant pressure to a temperature of 200°C (State 2). The water is then compressed at constant temperature until the first droplet of liquid water starts to condense (State 3). (a) Draw the states on a T-v diagram. (b) Find the mass of water (kg) in the cylinder. (c) Calculate the work W 12 (kJ) and heat transfer Q 12 (kJ) for the constant pressure heat transfer process. (d) Find the volume of the system (m 3 ) at State 3. SP12: A 2-kg block of ice with an initial temperature of -20°F is dropped into an insulated tank
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Unformatted text preview: containing 10 kg of liquid water at an initial temperature of 70°F. The specific heat of the solid ice is 0.477 Btu/(lbm °F), and the specific heat of the liquid water is 1.00 Btu/(lbm °F). The heat of melting for water is 144 Btu/lbm. Assume that all of these quantities are independent of temperature. (a) Determine the final phase of the water in the tank. (b) Calculate the final temperature ( F) of the water in the tank. SP14: Determine the specific volume of propane (C 3 H 8 ) at 18 bar and 100°C using: (a) Table A-18. (b) Figure A-1. (c) The ideal gas equation of state. (d) Compare and comment on the values found in parts (a)-(c)....
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