Group 12 - Woody Plants for Warm Climates

Group 12 - Woody Plants for Warm Climates - Magnolia...

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Group 12 Woody Plants for Warm Climates Agave americana 4 Century Plant Bougainvillea spectabilis 1 Bugambilia Carnegiea gigantea 7 Saguaro Opuntia humifusa 2 Pricklypear Cycas revoluta 5 Sago Palm Eucalyptus papuana 7 Ghost Gum Fouquieria splendens 6 Ocotillo Lagerstroemia indica 6 Common Crapemyrtle
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Unformatted text preview: Magnolia grandiflora 8 Southern Magnolia Mandevilla x amoena 1-3 Mandevilla Vine Allamanda cathartica 1-3 Allamanda Nandina domestica 5 Nandina Nerium oleander 5 Oleander Parkinsonia hybrid 6 Hybrid Palo Verde Quercus virginiana 8 Live Oak...
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