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Alexander Muhr 09/14/05 WRIT-140 Jay Fisher Rough Draft Is There Consistency between Basic Principles and Commerce? Looking at American history, we automatically notice the very distinct quality that our country was built on basically business. The whole incubation process was ripe for a country based on free market thinking and practices. This is why the US is such an economic power in the world today and will continue to be formidable for many years to come. These days the American business scenes have been marred by some wrongdoings by some very large corporations and have given a bad aura to the corporate world. But I believe that this is just a “flash in the pan” sort of situation that was aroused by the extreme situations of our latest economy, which is based on something that people are not able to physically grasp like the Internet, more specifically the Dot Com bubble. But all things aside, American business and its practices are based on a long and healthy history which continue to this day, although covered in the fog of the situations we have today with corporations like Enron and Tyco. In general, my personal values are reflected in American business practices because they are based on simple thoughts such as persistence, independence and plain guts to be able to do what is necessary to realize an idea from conception to actual birth and then on through to a healthy life. While some people have lost faith in the system, I believe that my own personal values will be able to stay consistent with American business practice and the corporate workplace. Personally, I find when looking at American business practices that focus on the long-term aspect of investing in certain companies, instead of looking to make a quick buck, they are able to focus on making decisions independently. Making decisions in the business world is very pressure-packed, which means that you are pushed from many different directions like the press or your peers to make assessments that might not be in 1
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Alexander Muhr 09/14/05 WRIT-140 Jay Fisher Rough Draft the best interest of the investors that are entrusting their money to you. If you are able to make these conclusions based on your individual and logical thinking then you are primed to become successful. A great example of a company that embodies such qualities is Berkshire Hathaway, which is run by the famed investor Warren E. Buffett. He is a man that values his shareholders as partners in his company and to make them feel part of a “family” in the moneymaking business of stocks, he keeps some 99 percent of his net worth in company stock. Another example of how much he believes in his company is that their stock has never been split. Most companies split their stock to make it more attractive to customers who want to buy which tends to generate money more quickly. Buffett sees this more as an endeavor, which should last not a couple of months or a few
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FINAL_DRAFT_ESSAY_1 - Alexander Muhr WRIT-140 Jay Fisher...

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