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LA216_neighborhood_park_drawing_requirements-Part One0.two...

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LA 216 Neighborhood Park Project – Phase 1.2 Group Project (Three-four person groups) The park site is a one-block site located in an old residential community in (PICK A CITY OR TOWN). It is surrounded by small to medium-sized bungalows with a lot of character. The neighborhood residents are a mix of families with young children, empty nesters and some elderly residents who have lived there for many years. Located in the northwest quadrant of the site are the remnants of the foundation of a small church that once occupied the site. You must decide whether to incorporate this into your design or whether to demolish and remove this element. Every year at the beginning of May, the neighborhood holds a street festival on one of its side streets. This takes place during the day and into the night. The neighborhood would like to expand the extents of this festival into this new park area. The opportunity to expand upon the magical lighting effects which have characterized the night time scene at the festival every year should be considered. At all other times, the park is used
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