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LA 216 Neighborhood Park Project – Part Two Final Drawing – Individual Project Goals: Give each student the opportunity to improve upon the group design or to re-work the park design completely. Give each student the opportunity to put together a well-crafted rendered drawing using a combination of hand-drawn work and desk top publishing layout. Project Assignment: 1. Each student will do their own drawing of their group’s neighborhood park design. 2. Revise and improve upon the design as desired. You may modify the design slightly or change it completely. 3. Include as a separate document, a short narrative describing the changes you made and why. Project Drawing Components: 1. Final sheet size: 24” x 36” 2. Original hand-drawn plan should be drawn on trash in ink. 3. The to-scale base drawing is available on Blackboard as a PDF. I will provide hard copies if requested.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Drawing scale will be 1/16”=1’-0” 5. The park plan will be rendered in a marker or colored pencil or a combination of both. It may also be rendered in Photoshop. 6. Keynotes will be used on the plan and will refer to a legend. 7. The legend will identify and describe all components of the plan. The components must include the following: a. Significant park spaces b. The edges that define these spaces c. The hierarchy of paths and circulation d. Focal points e. Thresholds f. Any details that have been envisioned. 8. Keynotes and legend must be a part of the final drawing. 9. Title block will include a park name of your choice, your name, the drawing scale, north arrow, date and class identification number (LA 216). DUE: March 1, 2010. Presentations of the work will be made that day during studio. Submit both a hard and digital copy....
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