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LA 216 Personal Dwelling Site Exercise Individual Project Goals: This project offers you an opportunity for self-reflection and expression. It is designed to provide you with a way to articulate how you would, most ideally, wish to inhabit the earth. It is also an opportunity to explore the world or express a passion for a particular place in the world. Learn something about graphic design and layout Learn scanning and desk top publishing basics Practice turn in procedures Practice diagramming skills Project Assignment: 1. Each student will create a two to four page magazine article that describes your ideal garden and dwelling place as if it really existed or was being design and scheduled to build. 2. Each student will pick a site of any size in any part of the world. 3. A conceptual building/dwelling place footprint must be located somewhere on the site. 4. This article must address the following:
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Unformatted text preview: a. Setting description b. Building-site relationship c. Any overall ordering principles that apply d. Identification of significant site architectural components including significant spaces, views, approaches, edges, focal points, transitions. 5. The writing style must have an specific spatial, chronological, temporal, or structural organization. 6. Be expressive. Abstractions are fine. Project Drawing Components: 1. Final sheet size: 8 1/2” x 11” format 2. The article will include both a written and graphic component. 3. Graphics can either be scanned images (footnoted credits please) or hand drawn sketches. 4. Site location map and site architecture diagram. Gradind Criteria: 1. Graphic packaging and presentation 2. Descriptive quality 3. Originality 4. Sense of personal expression DUE: MONDAY, JANUARY 25 AT THE BEGINNING OF STUDIO...
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