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LA 216 - DUE: March 24, 2010 at the end of the day Public Gardening Outdoor Studio - Individual Project Goals: Give each student the opportunity to improve upon or re-work one or more of the design from last semesters LA 325 class. Give each student the opportunity to put together a well-crafted rendered drawing using either hand-drawn or computer work. Project Assignment: 1. Each student will generate a drawing of your design for the Public Gardening facility at the Horticulture Park site. 2. Revise and improve upon the chosen design (s) as desired. You may modify the design slightly or change it completely. 3. The idea is that classes of around 25 students each would be held at the site. There may be one or more class at a time which might also include workshops for K-12 student. 4. Integrate the design to the existing conditions of the site in a way that minimizes earthwork costs (i.e. and reduces the amount of mowed area. 5.
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