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LA 216 Wynnedale Residential Site Master Plan Individual Project Goals: Give each student the opportunity to do a residential scale site master plan Give each student the opportunity to put together a well-crafted rendered drawing using either hand-drawn or computer work. Project Scenario: A family has purchased a large English tudor syle house on a large lot in the Town of Wynnedale, a quiet neighborhood that sits on the west side of the White River north of 38 th Street in Indianapolis, Indiana. They bought the house with the idea of making significant renovations to the house and site. In general, they would like to configure the house additions to create some enclosed, private spaces. They are interested in reconfiguring the driveway access and possibly the garage location. This could involve an additional driveway access point and/or relocation of existing ingress/egress points. In addition, they want all the east property boundary vegetation and the chain link fence to be removed and
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LA216_wynnedale-residential_requirements - LA 216 Wynnedale...

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