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Exam 2A%2c 09 KEY

Exam 2A%2c 09 KEY - BTNY 210 Midterm Exam#2A Multiple...

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BTNY 210 Lab day and time__________________________ Midterm Exam #2A March 10, 2009 Name:___________________________________ Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer. KEY For questions 1-4 you may choose the best answer from the following: a. ethylene b. gibberellin c. cytokinin d. abscisic acid e. auxin e 1. The class of plant hormones frequently used as a broadleaf weed killer: d 2. The name of the plant hormone that can cause stomates to close under conditions of water stress: a 3. The name of the plant hormone that is most often used to enhance fruit ripening: d 4. The name of the hormone that causes seed dormancy: 5. True or False. Gravitropism is a directional growth response to gravity. 6. True or False . The closure of Mimosa leaves in response to touch is called thigmotropism. 7. The color of light that best stimulates lettuce seed germination and interrupts long nights to cause short day plants to flower is: 8. When a chemical, physical, or environmental stimulus reaches a plant cell there is often a series of steps put into motion that cause a response in the plant. Examples of the types of stimuli include light of different colors, gravity, touch, and water stress. The series of steps involved in triggering the response is called a: 9. True or False. A “short day plant” is one that normally is induced to flower under day lengths that are equal to or less than 8 hours. 10. True or False. The pigment that is involved in the perception of day length is called phytochrome.
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EXAM #2A BTNY 210, S2009 2 11. One of the three primary meristematic tissues produces vascular tissues. It is called the:
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