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Exam 3A 09 - BTNY 210 Exam 3A Key April 8 2009 Name Lab...

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BTNY 210 Name_______________________ Exam 3A Key April 8, 2009 Lab day and time______________ 1. Meiosis may occur in the following part(s) of plants: a. ovules b. anthers c. apical meristems d. vascular cambium e. only b and c 2. If the 2n (diploid) number of an organism is 26, how many chromosomes will there be in each gamete? a. 5 b. 7 c. 13 d. 26 e. 52 3. If you cross a homozygous dominant yellow flowered plant with a homozygous recessive white flowered plant, the phenotypes of the offspring will be: a. all white flowered b. all yellow flowered c. half white and half yellow flowered d. ¾ white and ¼ yellow flowered e. ¼ white and ¾ yellow flowered 4. In meiosis I a. the centromere splits and the chromatids move to opposite poles b. the number of chromosomes is doubled c. the number of chromosomes stays the same d. the homologs move to opposite poles e. both c and d are correct 5. If we cross homozygous tall plants with homozygous dwarf plants, all F 1 plants will be heterozygous tall. If the F 1 are self pollinated, the genotypic ratio of the F 2 will be: a. 1:1 b. 2:1 c. 3:1 d. 1:2:1 e. 9:3:3:1 6. Independent assortment in Arabidopsis, which has 5 pairs of homologous chromosomes can produce how many combinations of genes that are carried on them? a. 4 b 32 c. 128 d. 1028 e. more than 8,000,000
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2 BTNY 210, ‘09 Exam 3A 7. True or False. If genes for two different traits such as seed texture and plant height are located at different ends of the same chromosome, and one homolog is dominant for both traits while the other homolog is recessive for both traits, these dominant alleles will
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Exam 3A 09 - BTNY 210 Exam 3A Key April 8 2009 Name Lab...

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