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107sp07_T1 - \’< ECET 107 Spring 2007 Test#1 Name K e 1...

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Unformatted text preview: \’< ECET 107 Spring 2007 Test #1 Name K e. 1 ‘\ Seat # 0 If provided, just fill in the blank (calculation not required). 0 Show work in standard homework format: WHAT = HOW with values = NSWE ' 0 Clear, organized problem development required. Problems 1, 2, 3, & 4 do not require work. 0 Problems requiring calculations: N0 WORK =N0 CREDIT (- REALLY “0” POINTS !! . Answers must have proper prefix and correct engineering units. Equationszlzg R=pé A=7Tr2 G: 2 F: le Q2 r2 (k = constant value of 9.0 x109 Nm2 /C2 ) flt Problems 1—2: Convert to the best aggrogriate lgretixeal abbreviation unit (In, k,u, M, etc.). 1.(5) 4,200,000 (2 Lt. 2. M J'L K..." —_—_ 2.(5) 00092341013 ' 2 50 g! V 3.(5) Convert 20 mA to Amperes i R I have read the above instructions with understanding. (signature) W A £11: ,4 0 § P H 4.(5) Evaluate and write result in engineering notation. Correct calculator solution okay but if answer is wrong without work 9 no partial credit. M: '0‘: I (2x10‘z)3 :- 3x10" 3 A. 8 -'° 80x“) engineering notation 5(5) Convert 2 centiper second to dollars fir hour. Show work in clear, organized approach. [E answer. 2 e < WE 6.(5) How much charge is required to create 20 V with 10 J of energy? Show work, Q answer. .. w w 3‘ V’_Q w ©27:%§10.SV=‘Soomi 7.(5) A battery is rated at 60Ah. The device requires 300 mA of current, how many hours does the battery last? Show work, IIE answer. ECET 107 - 2 - Test 1 —- Spring 2007 8.(10) Show on the schematic how to properly connect a volt meter, a current meter, and an ohmrneter to measure the resistor voltage, LED current, and the resistor’s resistance value. If polarity matters, show the (R) red lead and (B) black lead meter connections needed to get a “+” indication. Also, note if the power supply must be OFF or _O_l‘l when taking the reading. Voltmeter for R Current meter for LED Ohmmeter for R Draw the current path with arrows 9.(5) 6 kC of charge flows through the cross plane of a wire in 2 minutes. Find the current produced. c Show work, [IE answer. I: 3 Q C it 6,, 000 C. t 07m». [20 S a (50 A) 10-(6) suppose you pick up the following resistor, find the: a 6%:3206 9 Nominal Resistance 5—60—51, Tolerance 5 /o % (a) 0 fl 5 0 Calculate the m rated resistance. Show work, [IE answer, 5 " 0"“ QM“ 5&3. + Schoosl—z (58.x) ll.(10) Based upon the voltage supply, draw the current direction in the circuit. Based upon your current direction, draw the proper voltage polarity (+/—) on each component (E, LED, and resistor). Is the LED (F) forward biased or (R) reverse biased? i- ~Is the LED m — Yes or No? X95 12.(9) List the parameter symbol, unit, and unit symbol for each parameter below (time is given as an example): Parameter Unlt Parameter Symbol Unit Symbol “ n 3" sample ‘ (D Q as _0 +3 ECET 107 - 3 - Test 1 — Spring 2007 13.(3) Draw each of the common symbols. Must be accurately drawn for full credit. Mg $ . l4.a.(l 1) Find the indicated voltages. Fill in ovals with node voltages *Show work, @ answers. . va G v vb 3 V b @ Vc 0 V Vd ’ 9V l4.b.(5) Draw the bubble notation schematic of the above circuit. Draw the current I direction on your schematic. 15(6) Use the component characteristic curve to find the component’s voltage at the 15 mA operating point. 1 (mA) Voltage at 15 milliamperes 6 V (draw work on schematic using a straight edge) Find component’s resistance. Show work, @ answers. (av {21‘ fifia H0041.) Find component’s conductance. Show work, Q answers. ...
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