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FINAL_DRAFT_ESSAY_2 - Alexander Muhr WRIT-140 Jay Fisher...

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Alexander Muhr 10/03/05 WRIT-140 Jay Fisher Essay #2 The Apprentice : Cracking A Modern Enigma The American public is bombarded every day with media, whether is be through sight, by television, billboards or the Internet, or through sound, by radio. One of the most popular shows in recent years has been a show based on the inherent competition of the job market. Mark Burnett, the creator of Survivor that spawned the whole “reality show” craze, teamed up with Donald Trump to create The Apprentice . The show follows sixteen contestants who complete tasks week by week and are judged on their ability to maximize profits and manage groups. The winners receive a prize and the losers are subject to getting “fired.” In the end, two are left and vie for being The Apprentice . The quite unfortunate quality of the show is that different forces work against what are attributes that can actually be for the betterment of society. If the show were able to focus more on the important and well-taught business values, after watching anyone would benefit from people exercising good business practices with sound philosophies. When people sit down to watch The Apprentice every week, they are being bombarded with sensational images that hurt their perception of American business practices and values. The Apprentice sends the wrong message to the public, which is highly influenced by media, and the philosophies explicitly expressed are not improving society. Television is a very powerful tool in the world today and there is virtually no one left on this earth that has not been affected by its power. Therefore we cannot underestimate its power for social change and its relation to The Apprentice . The first debate ever broadcast on television, between Nixon and Kennedy, was a turning point for the influence of media. Nixon looked old and frazzled; while on the other hand Kennedy was a young and dashing candidate. When people were polled afterwards, the ones who 1
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Alexander Muhr 10/03/05 WRIT-140 Jay Fisher Essay #2 had heard the debate on the radio clearly thought Nixon had won and those who viewed the debate in television clearly believed Kennedy had won. Now that we know how powerful television can be in affecting people’s views and opinions, there is more justification for a mere show creating social change. The Apprentice, one of the most popular shows on television lately, definitely affects society in a negative way. With the show averaging sixteen million viewers per week in the first
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FINAL_DRAFT_ESSAY_2 - Alexander Muhr WRIT-140 Jay Fisher...

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