lab11 - 11-1 SPRING 2010 NAME BTNY21LAB SECTION...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-1 SPRING 2010 NAME _____________________________ BTNY21LAB SECTION ______________________ LABORATORY #11(PROTISTS)Lab #11 Objectives:1) For the major algal groups studied in lab, know the characteristics of the as listed in Table 19.2 on page 342 of your textbook 2) Be able to recognize the various protist groups studied in lab Refer to your lecture notes and chapter 19 on pages 334-355 for information about protists. You will begin by looking at some unicellular protists such as Euglenaand the diatoms (golden algae). You will then move on to the multicellular brown algae and red algae. You will conclude with some unicellular and multicellular examples of green algae. 1. Are the protists autotrophic or heterotrophic? 2. Are the protists prokaryotic or eukaryotic? STATION 1. EUGLENOID ALGAE (EUGLENOPHYTA)The euglenoid algae are common inhabitants of waters contaminated with organic wastes, for example from sewage treatment facilities and animal feed lots. About a third of these organisms are photosynthetic. They can photosynthesize during the day and then switch to a heterotrophic mode by absorbing simple sugars or acids at night. Make a slide and examine the culture of Euglena. 1. Are the euglenoids motile or nonmotile? 2. What color are the cells? 3. What pigment gives them that color? (Be specific) 4. Sketch a typical cell. 11-2 Move to the 10X objective lens. Place a drop of iodine at the edge of the coverslip to slow the cells. Examine the cells in the iodine or at the edge of the iodine front. Start at low power (10X) and then switch to high power (40X)....
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lab11 - 11-1 SPRING 2010 NAME BTNY21LAB SECTION...

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