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Quiz 1A KEY 07 - _leaves and axillary buds or 2 of petioles...

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BTNY 210, S2007 Name:___________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Quiz #1A Key January 12, 2007 Circle the correct answer or fill in the blank . 1. True or False : If I have an average of 79% or more of the total points possible in this course by the end of the last laboratory period this semester, I may choose to take an “A” grade for the course without taking the final exam. 2. True or False: Without plants, life on this planet could not exist as it does today. 3. Name two things that plants do to make it possible for life to exist on this planet as it does: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ 4. What are two plant parts you might expect to find at a node?
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Unformatted text preview: _ _leaves and axillary buds or 2 of petioles, stipules, axillary buds 5. What is the primary function of a leaf? ____________ Photosynthesis (PS) __________ 6. What are the three parts of a leaf? __ blade, petiole, stipules_ _________________ 7. True or False : The human population on Earth in the year 2,000 topped 9 billion people. 8. True or False : Most of the tissue in a bulb (such ad an onion or tulip) is composed of stem. 9. True or False: Monocots are most likely to have parallel venation than dicots. 10. In the axis of every leaf is a(n): a. lateral root b. adventitious root c. RAM d. axillary bud e. none of the above...
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