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Quiz # 1A KEY January 11, 2008 BTNY 210, S 2008 Name:______ __KEY _____________ Lab day and time__________________ 1. On the sketch of the plant below identify three of the four organs of a plant by drawing arrows to them and indicating the name of the organ at the tail of your arrows. (3 pts) 2. What is a primary function of each of these organs? (3 pts) Organ Function (Any of these) a) b) c) 3. Name three parts of every stem. (3 pts) Nodes, internodes, and meristems (buds) 4. What is the most important and unique contribution that plants make to our existence? (1 pt) Photosynthesis, fuel production, food production, aesthetics, soil
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Unformatted text preview: stabilization, habitat, fiber, amino acids, pharmaceuticals (Any of these) Teaser: How many meristems (buds) do you estimate are on the plant in #1? 24 (0 pts this time) Stem Support or transport of water and/or minerals/and or nutrients, or photosynthesis, storage of water and/or food in some cases Leaf Photosynthesis, gas exchange, transpiration (water evaporation), Storage of water and or food in some cases Root Anchor, support, storage of food, soil stabilization, absorption of water and minerals. Stem Leaf Root...
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