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Quiz 2A KEY 08 - 7& 8 Starch and cellulose are both...

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Quiz # 2A KEY January 18, 2008 BTNY 210, S 2008 Name:___________________________ Lab day and time__________________ Supply the short answers or circle the correct response. 10 points. 1. What is an ion? A charged atom or molecule __________________________________________________________________ 2. Which of the following is the most important part of the atom considering it’s interaction with other atoms? a. Proton b. Neutron c. electron d. Positron e. Megatron 3. True or false . A covalent bond is the attraction between two partially charged molecules. 4. True or false . The building blocks of fats are glycerol and amino acids. 5. The building blocks of carbohydrates are: ___________ simple sugars _____________________. 6. Describe the chemical makeup of a plasma membrane. __ a lipid bilayer _or __ a lipid bilayer with proteins floating in it.
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Unformatted text preview: 7 & 8. Starch and cellulose are both polymers. The simple sugar in one is formed with α bonds and the other by β bonds. What is the component sugar of both, and what is the primary difference how the human body handles them? Not a very well stated question! _glucose (1 pt) __ Our bodies can digest the one with alpha bonds, but not the one with beta bonds. (1 pt) 9. True or false. The nuclear membrane of a cell is a double membrane which is sometimes called an envelope. 10. Plant cells have cytoplasmic connections between cells. These connections normally will have endoplasmic reticulum extending through these connections from one cell to another. These connections are called: a. microtubules b. microfilaments c. pits d. plasmodesmata e. middle lamellae...
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